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How Content Creators Can Help Brands Share Their Values

How Content Creators Can Help Brands Share Their Values

How Content Creators Can Help Brands Share Their Values

Now more than ever, consumers want to use products and services that align with their values, causes and beliefs. In fact, 87% of consumers buy from organisations that share their own set of values. Because of this, it is essential that brands take notice of what their consumers have to say.

Displaying brand values is no longer about writing them down and simply saying you support a cause or viewpoint. The modern consumer wants to see brand values in practice, whether that be making big value-led decisions, or collaborating with content creators to display and share their core values.

Below, we are taking a deep dive into why it is crucial for brands to share consumer values, and how content creators can help relay a brand’s values, causes and beliefs to a target consumer.

Why is it crucial that brands share consumer values?

More and more research is proving the importance of shared consumer and brand values. Showcasing shared values can open brands up to new, socially conscious audiences and increases the longevity of consumer relationships.

With values underpinning the brand-consumer relationship, it is more likely they will stand the test of time, as 64% of consumers believe that shared values help to create a trusted relationship with a brand, and for Millennials, that percentage is even higher, rising to 83%.

It is also important to consider that consumers will shun brands that present values that they don’t agree with. In this sense, it is crucial that brands are authentic and honest about their message, and nail down who they are and what they stand for.

How can brands relay their values to the consumer?

Sharing brand values is more important than ever, and content creators can help ensure this process is authentic.

It’s important that brands steer clear of virtue signaling. That is, the process whereby a brand or person publicly demonstrates ‘one’s good character or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue’. This kind of approach can seem inauthentic or like a tick box exercise. Instead, what consumers really want to see is brands living and breathing their values.

For the modern consumer, sharing values is something that should be demonstrated day in day out, and creators can assist in forming that association between brands and values. With so many amazing content creators out there, brands should lean on this community to share their message and their values far and wide.

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