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We are a brand management and outsourcing company dedicated to helping businesses thrive by effectively managing their brands and outsourcing critical business functions to trusted partners. We specialize in developing bespoke strategies for start-ups and established businesses which enhances brand presence through creative design, and strategic positioning. 

Our branding process involves a guided transitional journey from brand management to outsourcing for operational efficiency and business growth. This allows you to focus on your core business while we take care of other management functions. 

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Our Core Services

At innerBlack, we offer a suite of comprehensive marketing and branding services designed to help your business thrive in a competitive digital landscape. Our core services are crafted to offer holistic solutions that align with your brand’s vision and goals.

Why Choose Us

Strategic Expertise
Our experienced team excels in brand development, strategic advertising, and data-driven optimization, ensuring effective positioning and maximum ROI.
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Customized Solutions
Tailoring our services to your unique needs, we understand your business, industry, and target audience, delivering customized strategies for tangible results.
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Proven Track Record
Trusted by businesses, we've achieved growth objectives through effective advertisement platforms, data-driven insights, and increased brand visibility. Join our satisfied clients.
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Brand Management

A business is not a brand but growing a business and growing a brand goes hand in hand. At InnerBlack we help your brand create a reputation for you and any business that operates under that brand.

While a business is sales focused, a brand on the other hand is community focused. with our team of experts dedicated to crafting and maintaining brand image, Innerblack helps businesses establish a strong and memorable presence in their respective markets or industries.

Branding Processes

At innerBlack agency we employ tested and proven steps to craft and establish a distincive brand identity. From defining core values to designing visual elements, these processes shape how a brand is perceived and remembered in the minds of customers.

Our branding processes include;

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Business relationship 
  • Strategic Partnerships 

More of how we can help you

Brand Research

Brand Development


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Brand Strategy


Content Production

Campaign Management


Customer Support


Report Building

Business Development

We help businesses with the strategic pursuit of opportunities to ensure growth and improve their overall performance. we do this by identifying potential market and building partnership with other businesses

we engage in  collaboration with other businesses to expand the reach and influence of your business in new markets thus increasing your ROI.

Unleashing the Power of Diverse Marketing Strategies

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26-Social media

Service Marketing

6-Data analysis

Business Marketing

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Online Marketing

7-Email advertising

Email Marketing


Influencer Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

29-Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Remote Jobs

On the innerBlack website you can find remote jobs in areas such as customer service, brand management and working as an agent for brands and companies. Remote jobs offer the flexibility to work from anywhere, often from the comfort of your own home, resulting in a better work-life balance, reduced travel costs and often increased productivity.

InnerBlack connects you with these flexible work opportunities so you can use your skills and experience to work for prestigious companies without having to move.


At innerBlack, we specialize in helping brands streamline their operations and focus on what they do best by outsourcing non-core functions. Our comprehensive outsourcing services connect you with trusted partners who can manage different aspects of your business, from customer service and IT support to marketing and logistics. 

By leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we ensure seamless integration and quality services that enable your business to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Affiliate Marketing

We craft targeted campaigns to reach the right audience, driving engagement and increasing conversions across platforms.


Leveraging analytics, we optimize campaigns for maximum ROI, providing insights and ensuring continuous growth. 

Digital Store

E-Commerce Store

innerBlack in partnership with the Cowriestore brand, offers an innovative E-commerce platform that helps brands set up and run their own online stores without the need for a physical store. Our platform supports the sale of both physical and digital products while providing a user-friendly interface, secure payment processing, inventory management and a portal for digital products.

Cowriestore allows businesses to offer a seamless shopping experience across mobile and desktop devices and gain valuable insights through powerful marketing and analytics tools.