How to become a successful fashion designer

Fashion designer FAQs

To learn more about working in the fashion industry, browse the frequently asked questions below.

What hours do fashion designers typically work?

Fashion designers who work for design houses and clothing, footwear or accessory manufacturers often work a regular schedule, which may require standard nine-to-five hours. When preparing for fashion shows, designers may work additional hours, which often requires working in evenings and on weekends.

In addition, many fashion designers travel to attend fashion shows, view designs from different labels or meet with suppliers and manufacturers. Working in the fashion industry often requires domestic and international travel.

What is the work environment like for fashion designers?

Fashion designers usually work in studios that provide both office and manufacturing settings. During a typical workday, fashion designers may use computers to develop designs, sewing machines or other manufacturing equipment to produce prototypes and handheld tools to affix accents and details.

Can fashion designers be self-employed?

Although many fashion designers work for clothing, footwear or accessory manufacturers, others are self-employed. Some fashion designers opt to develop their own clothing label, which requires developing, manufacturing and selling original designs. Others freelance, which involves accepting short-term contracts from fashion companies and developing products that meet predetermined specifications.


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