E portfolio

E portfolio

The emergence of the internet and the worldwide web as well as modern technology has seen a rapid rise in the use of e portfolio, becoming more popular than paper portfolio.

An E folio is basically a portfolio, that has content which is created digitally and stored electronically as the name suggests.
The E portfolio can be defined as a range of original and different verification that showcase the activities, events, achievements and learning of an individual or organization over a period of time in a digital archives like innerblack.

The e folio has a number of uses as a tool of learning, reflections, and professional experience, achievement, growth and career advancement. It can also be used to develop and create job specification, job adverts and job display.

E portfolio has 3 main types, they are the standard- based, showcase and social-networking :These types of E portfolios are used by business institutions, schools, fashion agencies and various other institutions.

The e folio can be applied to different perspective and applications. It has advantages in community networking and community learning network, employee recruitment, development and management, assurance of products and services.
These advantages are available to both individuals and organisations as well as communities of professionals.


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