Innerblack agency



once payment has been made and verified by the agency a mail will be sent to begin the onboarding of our new partner. innerblack offers a non exclusive contract to our new partner for a period of 1 year. This contract enables the partner access to various services depending on the specific needs of our partner .

innerblack e folio services is made available for a period of 5 months. this is to aid our partner successfully transition from a creative talent to a professional brand capable of offering various services on behalf of the agency.

Using our remote hiring / project management software we receive and review content produced by our partner and fill out their e folio to boast their profile as well as creating a direct channel for communication between partner and agency.

After 3 months, partners are required to choose from 5 services which are made available through our affiliate partner program. This services include

Talent management…. Blackpaper
content production….studio hallucinations
content distribution network…. mediacoup
E commerce store…. cowriestore
Brand consultant…. blackcowries

upon completion of 5 months talent development phase our partner is assigned to one of our affiliate partner to begin the professional phase of the contract.

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