Innerblack agency

Become A Partner

Innerblack agency offers an exciting platform to individuals, brands, and agencies for partnership, to collectively showcase black creativity to the world.

We are an influencer marketing platform that provides management services to influencers. We connect brands with the most relevant influencers and audiences to drive direct sales and brand awareness.

InnerBlack is the leading agency in the country for  talent and influencer management. We work on a personal basis to represent talent for social media partnerships, brand awareness campaigns, TV negotiations, and more. 
Our priority is guiding our talent to grow their brands and develop their platforms into careers. Our company manages schedules, handles all inbound inquiries and understands the space to maximize exposure. We implement strategies to produce engaging content that will in turn create follower growth and increase brand recognition.

Here, we offer a 1-year partnership program in the various categories as indicated on our platform. 

Talent development phase
This is a buffer period that affords the agency a window to acquaint with the talent and know their level of professionalism before they can be engaged. This is a chance for the agency to establish a good working relationship with our partners.
Professional services phase
Having established a good working relationship with our creatives and ascertained their level of professionalism, in this phase, they can now be engaged to work for clients who seek their services and expertise.

InnerBLACK agency offers 2 types of contracts to our partner based on working experience and relationship between the agency and our partner. This contracts are non- exclusive and exclusive contracts

Nonexclusive contrast

This contract is available to all our new partner who signed up to become a partner of the agency. The non exclusive contract offered by the agency is divided into 2 phases which are talent development phase and professional services phase.

This contract allows the partners to be represented by other Agencies or get work through third party agreements

Exclusive contracts

InnerBLACK agency exclusive contracts are reserved  and only given to agency professionals after completion of compulsory one year non exclusive become a partner program.

Partners who are contracted exclusively to the agency can only be engaged in productions and projects on behalf of the agency.

The agency executes varieties of creative projects and services that reflect our professional, innovative and artistic production. Our projects are divided into internal and external projects

Internal projects
These projects are in- house production that are carried out by our partners exclusively from our community

External projects
Our external projects refer to the use of our creative services and productions in various capacity by our affiliate partners

We pride our agency as a technology savy brand that has implemented into our systems a remote hiring software to allow for ease of operation between the agency and or partners and affiliate partners

In line with our technology based operations, partners who are still undergoing the 5 months development program are represented by an online agent.

Upon successful completion of the 5 months Development program, our partners are assigned agent through our agency affiliate franchise within their geographic region agency. By actively promoting our partners we secure their professional services based on their skill set and experience.

The agency does not guarantee work as ultimately, we are not the ones who selects you.  Our job is to represent you and put you forward for work that suits your skill set. From there, the client or Casting Director will select who they want to audition or hire based on the suitability for the project

Once the terms and conditions of the project has been agreed upon by the client and the agency, facilitation of the project by the agency is the next stage.

The agency uses its remote hiring software to make payments and other arrangements which enable its partners execute the project successfully. InnerBLACK Pays directly into the account of the partners when they have been hired for a job.